What Get Online Jamaica is all about!

Rehayema Mowatt started Online Marketing Systems out of sheer frustration when she was trying to find a product online in Jamaica, her home country.
Most search results showed the product in another country. 
She eventually bought the item online and got it delivered. She was surprised that the international shipping cost doubled the actual price of the product.
As if that was not enough she found the exact product at a local store a few days later for much less than what she had paid for shipping.
The thought came to her, that what if there was a way to make it easier for local Jamaican businesses to showcase their products online and make it easier for online shoppers to find what they were looking for?
That is the basic goal of the company to unite shoppers with sellers through online marketing.
GetOnlineJamaica.com is a local movement designed to increase digital marketing awareness among Jamaican small business owners with the hope that they may see the need to meet their online customers half-way.

What we can do for you right now!

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Our Job

To make it easy for Jamaican business owners to put their businesses on the internet.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all Jamaicans will be able to shop online and get access to local Jamaican goods and services online regardless of where they are.

Privacy Policy

We respect the right and privacy of every citizen of our country and would never sell or carelessly share any personally identifiable information you may share with us.