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Online Marketing Systems is a business website design company in Jamaica. As more and more Jamaicans shop online local business owners are seeing the need to meet their customers half-way on the internet. We expect that as use of the internet grows more businesses will catch on and seek ways to create an online presence.

It is our goal to make the process as easy as possible, so after talking with local business owners we were able to put together a plan that can help them to build a strong online presence and in a way that makes sense for us.

Hire the right company

Let’s explain some technical terms. You may or may not think of the same things when you hear these words – graphic designer, web designer, web developer, digital marketer. These all sound like the same profession to many people but each role has a very distinct job description.

Figuring out who you really need to hire can be the first step toward fulfilling your business needs.

Graphic Designer:
You need a graphic designer if you need to design a logo for your
business. Graphic designers are very skilled at expressing a concept
that you may have in your head. They may help you to create appropriate
signage for your business. A graphic designer can create a logo that you
can put on your website and your product labels.

Web Designer:
A web designer turns a concept into a website. His main aim is make
sure that your website is easy to use and looks attractive to your
customers. A web designer’s main job is to create a seamless flow between
you and your website visitors. Web designers may be skilled in
programming however their focus is the look and feel of your
website so they may not be the ones to hire if you require a website
with advanced functionality.

For that you need a web developer. The increase in the number of popular website development software, like WordPress, has made it easier for web designers to add complex functionality to a website without the need to code.

Web Developer:
Web Developers are programmers whose main aim is to create a website
that performs a specific technical task. For example, if you needed to
set up a payment system on your website that captures a users credit
card information and stores it in a secure database, then you would need
to hire a web developer. Good web developers are not necessarily good
web designers and vice-versa. Both web developers and web designers
usually work together to build complex websites that are also easy to

Digital Marketer: After
you have built a website, a digital marketer, also known as a web or
online marketer is responsible for helping people to find your business
online. This requires a specific set of skills like Search Engine
Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content
Marketing etc. The job of a digital marketer includes analyzing reports
from different platforms and tools that show how many people are finding
and interacting with your brand online. Digital marketers who work with
Website Design Agencies may also work closely with graphic designers
and web designers to make sure you are consistent in how your brand is
represented online.

How much will a website cost in Jamaica?

The average website design costs from local website design companies is about $70,000 Jamaican dollars. This is reasonable compared to the over $2000 US Dollars in fees that you would expected to pay online.

The average web designer charges around USD$65 per hour. This fee usually includes the time it takes to travel to and from your place of business, to take pictures of your products, to edit the pictures so that they will look good on your website.

In addition, there are technical costs that have to be considered in

the actually development of the website. Things like

  • domain names (your website address on the internet, for example,,
  • web hosting (this is where the files for your website will be stored on the internet) and
  • secure site certificates (a special verification system that lets website visitors know that any information they share

    with you will be kept private).

How long will it take to get a website?

It takes time to collect information from you about your business, your products, and everything that you would like to put on your website. Many times this may require multiple trips to your location, phone calls and emails.

Time is also required to prepare and negotiate a contract that will serve both the needs of the designer and your company.

The actual time it takes to build your website depends on how quickly the designer can collect the requested information, how much content (company documents, mission statements, purpose of your company, product descriptions, service descriptions etc) you already have how many more pages of content will be required to complete the website.

The software that the designer will use to build your website may depend on whether you would like to edit your website yourself in the future or if you just want a plain static website that only the developer can edit. Website software, like WordPress and Drupal, makes it easier for you to edit but requires more time to maintain and update.

At our website design company, we build and maintain websites, however we give clients the freedom to edit and do whatever else they want with their websites. They even have the option of moving their website to another website company if they so desire.

What makes our process unique is we offer our clients the option of training a member of their staff to edit and update their website. That way they can can feel more involved in their online presence and not see it as separate from the rest of their business.

We also work with graphic design agencies if clients need logos and other signage for their businesses.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you put your business online? Contact us for a free consultation.

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